Kamal Imani is a community leader and brother with an abundance of testimonies as he has evolved from a life of being a child of a single mother in Harlem NY, The Bronx New York and later Teaneck New Jersey. Kamal was given the freedom by his mother to take risks and find his own way in life.  As a pioneer in the early New Jersey Hip Hop culture and movement, Kamal has the natural ability to relate with and connect to today's youth as well as their parents.

Kamal has worked in the fields of retail management, finance, real estate, publishing, education and entertainment. He is internationally known for his spoken word poetry. He is also known in the entertainment business as a top marketer.  Kamal has risen through the temptations of the streets and peer pressure as seen in his first written and directed coming of age film "Up in the Attic" which can be seen on YouTube.

He has many inspirational poems such as "You Are Genius", "Blast Off" and more! He loves to inspire and counsel young adults as he knows the pressures and stress that they go through. His personal experience is one of challenging fears, keeping faith, seeking God through comparative religious studies and experiences, surviving the streets and becoming a family man, educator, youth mentor, tutor, both public school and"At risk" youth and gang mentor, entrepreneur, spoken word performance poet, actor, film director, motivational speaker and more!

He uses his experiences and insperiences to counsel, encourage and inspire youth, contemporaries and elders.   You can contact Kamal to speak at your school or organization at 201-257-7789 (Text or Call) or on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/kamal.imani 

                       Please Pardon the Quality of The Above Video, But Watch for The High Quality of Interaction!

Yes Kamal can rap too! Check him out as he rips this cameo appearance in Niva's video for her song "Stop the Violence" in Brooklyn New York.
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