The Coming of Age Teen Film* Up in the Attic* Old School Hip Hop - Some Adult Language Rated PG 13                                                                                                                                         (Concepts of Peer Pressure, Abandonment, Abuse, Drugs and Bullying)

*Based in the mid 1980's Classic Hip Hop Era.

The hip hop teen film "Up in the Attic was created in 2009 and was loosely based on the teenage years of Kamal Imani as he grew up in the Teaneck New Jersey suburbs on New York City. Kamal's room was in the Attic and being that his mother worked very hard, she didn't monitor him to strictly. She was satisfied knowing that he was doing good in school and that whatever else he might be doing, it was in his room (so she knew is whereabouts). 

When Kamal and his talented friends reputation started spreading due to their popularity as rappers and "Gods", they're partying and experimenting with drugs started getting out of hand. It was the senior year for Kamal ("Jamal" played by Jamian Blackmon) and he wrestled with the choice of his friends or going to college. He and the crew had many mentors along the way and many warnings, but how successful will the ultimately become?

Up in the Attic has is fun moments, in sad moments, it's sensual moments, but overall it's a refreshing film with some great messages for today's youth!

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